Leeds whip cracking class

So last Sunday afternoon while some of you where singing in church or slaving away preparing a roast dinner. I headded to the Canteen in Leeds to run a two hour whip workshop. I had a lovely bunch Dalia who has come to two of my classes before, Lisa who’s friend won a place in the class in the raffle at The night befores Wet Spot Show where I had been performing. She bravely came along not really knowing anything or anyone. Then we had Tony a local talent artist and Tanya a lady who had bought a whip but had not had any lessons. Lastly there was Terri who runs Dr Sketchy with her partner.

Diva Hollywood whip workshop image image Diva Hollywood Whip workshop

We had a great afternoon using whips from both my sponsors Rufus Ruffcut and from the US Bearcub whips. I try and teach the zen of whipping to smile, relax don’t put yo much shoulder into it or you will hurt yourself.  And to also get your breathing right as this all helps me so much on stage. I also can’t help encouraging the ladies at least to put a bit of show girl style into their cracks by adding a hand on the hip. My students went away smiling if a little tried after having mastered the cattlemans, overhead a simple wrap and the beginnings of the slow figure of 8.