Fire school

So on Monday I went to Fire school. I have wanted fire lessons for years but to be honest was a little scared, but I knew if anyone Red Sarah would be able to get me to do it. I was also inspired by a new friend Shelley Davis who has taken it up recently. So off I went and it was amazing.

Sarah explain all the safety aspects first, then demonstrated what we would be doing. She took so much time with me and let me do it at my own pace, evening holding my hands at some points and not minding when I jumped up and down hugging her when I did it right

I first of all learned body burning on my hand.

Diva Hollywood Body burning

Then over my arm which I really enjoyed especial when I learn to go back and forth.


Diva Hollywood Body burning on my arm


Next we did the part I was really dreading fire licking as you have to put the flame near your face. But Sarah took me through it very slowly and held my hand as I did it. Thankfully I did not crush her hand in the process.

Diva Hollywood Fire lIckingFinally we did the big one … fire eating,  where the fire stick goes right into your mouth. I loved this so much and it really does not hurt but I messed it up a little when I got tired but Sarah made sure I got back on track and left doing it right.

Diva Hollywood Fire eating



To end we went over all the skills and then Sarah filmed me so I had it to watch when I got home. I did not do my fire eat as well as I had on film I think the pressure got to me a bit. But I absolutely loved the day and would recommend it to anyone. I have MS and worried this might be a problem but Sarah is such a great teacher. See my little movie below and links to the fire school. See also list his for Fire School

Diva Hollywood fire movie