Diva Hollywood


She’s the sassy whip cracking comedic performer and host who brings her unique audience partipation and wild tiger sensation to your events.


Audience participation, fun and sin, saucy salacious end of pier action!
Loved by audiences in London, Paris, New York, Rome, Helsinki and Essex

Whips & wit!

Let Diva lead your audience into a wild night ...

photo by Candy photography
Whips, comedy, slapstick audience interaction silliness
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15 years of silly & sexy success

She’s the UK’s whip cracking sassy saucy comedic cabaret performer and eventhost Diva Hollywood has wowed audienced worldwide for 15 years and is a well respected presence on the global cabaret scene.  Also … she hides a dark secret!

Diva's amazing Acts

Pirate Booty

Ever wanted to sail the high seas and have your name feared by ever man you meet. Then join Captain Diva Hollywood in her fast talking cross dressing pirate whip cracking trick act, where she captures a


“Overload” is a high energy act to a fun 90’s crazy rave remix, with all the fibre optics, LEDs, sequins, whip tricks and isis wings you could want.

Hosting – Tigress

Diva Hollywood is the only wild Tiger woman host to be found in the Uk at the moment. If you want a fun and naughty night set her loose and let her play and go wild with

Devil’s Kiss

Gender Fluid drag King act of the temptation of the devil, with lip sync a little strip and a disco explosion for an ending.

Tiger Tamer

In this act you see another side of Diva Hollywood!  She talks, she whips, she tames the audience! With whip tricks and audience participation this act is inspired by the first ever female tiger tamer Mabel Stark

Diva Hollywood and John Celestus comedy whip double act

Sexy Beast (Double act)

John Celestus and Diva Hollywood combine in this amazing comedic whip and contortion double-act. He’s a glamorous untamable and fabulously bendy creature and she’s his tamer and determined to make him behave!

Diva Hollywood is the UK’s comedic whip cracking cabaret performer who has wowed audiences worldwide for 14 years. Diva makes audiences laugh with her comedic personas, and then amazes with her two-handed whip-cracking skills. Diva makes audiences laugh with her comedic personas, and then amazes with her two-handed whip-cracking skills. Her upbeat and irreverent style uses physical comedy to bring her characters to life from Tiger-woman to gender fluid pirate.

 World number one whipteaser Diva Hollywood is full of sin, sauce and seduction. With her sassy repartee,  her comedic double-whip tricks and wild audience interaction Diva Hollywood has become the go-to name for whip-smart entertainment. Jim Rose (of the Jim Rose Circus) said  “Diva Hollywood does the very best whip act in the entire fucking world”

In 2005 Diva burst onto the stage at New Yorks infamous Slipper Room and since then has performed regularly around the world headlining clubs in Paris, New York, Milan, Geneva, Iceland, Norway, Berlin and San Francisco. Diva is an award winning whipteaser reknowned for her outragous and fun stage shenannigans. Diva does everything from being a saucy performer to hosting, motivational speaking, mentor and tutor leading workshops.Diva created the Burlesque Big Sister and Brother group which is one of the biggest support networking groups for burlesque and cabaret in the world with over 4500 members.

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