World Burlesque Games

So yesterday I got up at 6:30 and headded to London for The World Burlesque Games. Even though I was only bringing one act it still took a lot of prep and packing.

I had to set my lovely wig from Wendy’s wigs


Wendy' wigs

Pack many tigers and costume

Tiger case

When I finally got to the venue I was so impressed with the venue that Chaz Royle and Betty Delight had chosen for the event. The Grand Hall @ The Camden Centre is stunning.


Camden Hall image image


The he stage was perfect for whips and I had a great view out onto the 800 person sold out crowd.

Backstage was a real buz we had an 80’s power ballad sound track and there was performers from all over the world performing in the 3 shows.

World Burlesque Games image image image


The show show was amazing I even managed to catch a few acts. I love that Vivid Angel won Twisted Crown as her act made me laugh so much. Tonight I get to go again but this time as a punter. See you all later.