Burlesque Big Sister project

Dear all

I had this idea last year on one of my long drives that it would be great if more established performers took younger performers under their wings and helped them out.  That in some way they became burlesque big sisters, I had a lot of performers and lovely promoters interested in the idea.  But 2014 for me has been a crazy year for many reasons so I could not launch the idea on the scale I first intended.  So I did what I could and have run it over the last 10 months myself and have worked with about 10 different performers.  Its been really good fun and I have enjoyed my time with these wonderful ladies listening to their ideas and encouraging them in the right direction.  I don’t feel like I need to launch this as a big project belonging to me, I think if you want to do it then paste something on your Facebook wall about it.   Or if you are a new performer and there is an established performer you think would be great in helping you then drop them a line, if they have time, I am sure they will respond to you.  We have a lot of kindness in our community and some of these little burlesque sisters have just needed a chat over coffee or email to help set them on the right path, so its not always a big commitment.  So I am encouraging you today if you would like to help a performer in our community or feel you need help then reach out. I think this will help our community to grow and strengthen and I am going to continue to help my little sisters I am working with now and in time I will take on more.  If you do fine yourself a big sister or you take on a little sister message me I am happy to help and will blog about it and help promote a young up and coming performer get recognition.  Lets hope 2015 is an easier year for all of us.

Below my burlesque little sister Mary Jane Black who is soon going to emerge onto the scene.

Burlesque little sister


Burlesque little sister 2