Whip Resources

Some whip makers from the UK, USA and Europe you might like to try

Ready made whips

If you are looking for a starter whip just to get you going you here are two two choices in the Uk.

Home of poi do the karaka whips in different sizes I like there 5 foot ones myself the longer one I found the handle to short. They are very very durable but have a plastic feel so I would advise getting some tennis racket grip for the handles to help grip and prevent sweaty hands. I have not at this pony tried there fire whips.

You then have Fire toys they do a range of pre made whips. Its best if you you can try them first as their weight and quality are mixed. I have heard there their stock whips was good but I have not tried these.
Not heard great things about their fire whips. The crackers they sell are really rather good and they have some good whip books and Dvd’s to help get you started.


UK Custom whip makers

Rufus Ruffcut makes excellent Hybrid whips that are very fast and great for tricks. A hybrid whip is like a cross between a bullwhip and a stock whip but is made with a plastic tube handle so makes it very light.  Rufus has very kindly offered a pair of his lovely whips to be used at my whip workshops.  To give people the chance up and down the country to try his whips.  At the moment Rufus does not have a website but you can find him on Facebook

Essentia Whips
Tony has been making both nylon and leather whips for years. I have two pairs of his whips and they are both really good. He is a one man show so expect to wait a little for your whips but they are worth the wait.

Daz Dart ‪
He makes a range of whips, I have had snake whips off him in the past, lovely chap and keeps you updated with the whip mkaing process with pictures. So you know whats happening with your whips.  He also has off the shelf whips if you want a good whip in a hurry.

Alex Cobra
Is very well known for his quality leather whips. I have tried a few and I have to say they really are rather wonderful.

Andy Horobin is a brand new maker  and will be one of my new maker sponsors soon for my whip workshops.  He makes nylon hybrid whips. You can find him on Face book at

Adam ‘Pendragon’ Miller
Adam is a new maker and he specialises in making snake whips.  He has also offered to be another of my UK whip sponsors really looking forward to trying his whips.


USA Custom Whip makers

Toffer Topher
is a new whip maker and is going to be one of my sponsors for my whip workshops. This will give you a chance to try out his whips. You can check out what he makes on Facebook at

Calvin C Singo
I have 3 pairs of Calvins whips a pair of six foot bull whips, a pair of fur foot bullwhips and a pair of three foot snake whips.  His whips have a distinctive ball on the end and don’t have a turks knott.  I have to say I love his whips will most like buy more form him.  Charming and creative guy.  All his whips are nylon. x

Rhett Kelley
Is an established whip maker from the USA for 23 years. He specializes in nylon bullwhips, nylon snakewhips, nylon stockwhips and the Florida Cow Whip. I don’t own any of his whips but I have tried some and they are great. I have also chatted to him on line and he comes across as a true gent.

Lauren Wickline
Midwest whips is run by both Lauren Wickline and Paul Nolan. They are a very established whip company. Sadly I don’t have any of their whips but I have tried them and they are amazing. They make all kinds of whips and have done for years.

Whips and What knots
Established US makers of stock whips they are dedicated to providing quality handmade nylon whips.

Dakitty Whips
Dakota has been using whips for over 20 years as part of the Don Juan & Miguel Show, and now has branched out and started making whips as well! I have not had a chance to play with one of her whips, but I have seen her crack a whip so I imagine they are fab. She specializing in lightweight nylon performance bullwhips, perfect for indoor venues or for those who don’t have a lot of space for everyday practice. Prices start at just $100.

Greg DeSaye
Sadly I don’t know anything about Greg’s whips but he was recommended to me by a good source so worth checking out.

At the forefront of synthetic whipmaking..

Adam Winrich
Very famous whip cracker and whip maker. I have tried his whips and they are wonderful. He also sells really good DVD’s on his website they will help you a lot when learning whips.

David Crain
Sadly another maker I can’t tell you anything about but I will try and find out more and keep this page updated.

Bobbi HolyOak
My nylon whips are great for Performers, Sport crackers, Martial arts, Self defense and those looking to take up a new hobby.
All of my whips are built custom with care and attention to detail.  I specialize in Tibetan Wave™ and Sonic Alignment™ whips but am not limited to those.  HolyOak whips are built using 550 & 650 nylon paracord, which does not mildew or rot. All whips have at least one braided belly as well as traditional bolsters. I never use tape in the construction of my bolsters because every whip is waxed using the submersion technique. Handle bases are made from steel rod or oak, depending on your weight preference.

Ric Boyd
He makes amazing falls and very loud crackers that work really well.

David Nguyen
David is a new whip maker from the US and is going to be another one of my sponsors he just messaged me today.

Miah Espinoza
Blind man whips – He makes all kinds of whips and also making of DVD’s.  Have only chatted to him on line but a lovely chap.  Friends have his whips and they say they are really good so worth a look.


Australia Whip makers

Will Gough’s


Alyssa Ford
Alyssa makes crops, red hide and roo hide stockwhips



Leif Hardidge



Reina  Hayashi
amazing whip maker and cracker from Japan would love to one day see her in real life.  She is high on my list of whip makers I want to buy from.


European Whip makers

Axel Lackmann Germany
I’ve only chatted to this chap on line but I know he has a lot of respect and really knows how to make a whip.  he is on my list of people I would like a whip from.

Jean Fiwhip France
Heard wonderful things about this gentleman but I don’t think I have had a go on one of his whips.

Karol Bilecki
Karol is based in Poland and makes cow and rue whips. Hi is going to be making my first set of leather whips and I am very excited about this He is also a very good whip cracker himself.

Gin or Ladislav Sheen
Czech Republic European Whip crackers association
Gin is an amazingly talented whip performer, super nice guy and makes very good whips
Western Arena Arts school

Gio Celeste

Who I have been told makes really lovely leather whips, he also has some really useful whip related information on his website its definitely one to check out.