About the project

The burlesque sister/brother project is a way for established performers and industry figures to help newer performers develop, give them the right tools to produce good acts, tips and guidance, to help our scene stay healthy and fresh.

If you are an established person  (a big sister/brother), or a newer performer (little sister/brother) you should sign up to the directory so the others know you are interested. You will then get an email which gives you access to edit your profile.  If you lose your “edit my profile” link you’ll see there’s a ‘send a reminder’ feature on the sign up form. We’ll re-send it to the mail address you gave us.

What to do next?

Little sisters/ brothers, if you see someone in the directory who is near your location and you would be interested in getting advice from them, then look for their social-media contact on their profile page. Remember : If they are on the database it’s because the want to help. So send a short message saying something like “Hi, I saw you on the burlesque big sister /brother project, I’d love to talk”.  Please remember that most big sisters/ brothers are very busy with gigs and travel so might not be able to talk right away, but nothing ventured nothing gained!

Lastly, come on over and chat about any expectations, experiences and success stories on the burlesque sister.  I will happily blog about you as well to help promote what you have been up to.  facebook group