Hi, I’m Diva Hollywood and I’m a cabaret performer. I’ve performed all over the world from New York to Milan, Geneva to Paris. You might wonder how I came about being Diva Hollywood, well it’s an interesting story.

12 years ago I had no experience with burlesque. I was teaching kids IT in Manchester, and I was working at schools teaching art sitting in a dark stuffy room looking at Manchester rain, where I filled in assessment forms, not feeling fulfilled as an artist and not exactly confident in my body.
Yet, only a few years later was  performing at world famous shows and very comfortable taking my clothes off in front of thousands of people.I loved burlesque but forever a woman who likes to change things up I started to learn whip cracking and have developed non strip fast talking acts that I now love to perform.  I also pushed myself to become a host and I love it and have started to host all over the UK.

But what happened to change from being the IT worm into being the burlesque superstar? Actually there was no magic fairy or wand. There was a very serious illness, most people consider it a bad thing, but for me it was one of the best things that happened in my life. Whats going to happen in my future who knows its what ever my imagination will encourage me to be.