Jennie Lee – The Bazoom Girl

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Jennie Lee – The Bazoom Girl, set her sights for the burlesque stage soon after leaving high school in Kansas City, Kansas. She spread her ample charms all over the US, Mexico, Cuba and Canada. She even traveled to Hawaii, the Phillipines and the Far East. It was during the height of WW II , when off duty GI’s provided an enthusiastic audience, that Jennie perfected her routine and came up with her title, The Bazoom Girl. Jennie was a big girl, 5′ 9″ with measurements of 42-28-40 and with excellent muscle tone and control. It was this muscle control that was the highlight of her routine. Jennie was a tassel dancer, one to each breast. She would whirl them together, opposed and individually. A very popular performer, Jennie even had a fan club, The Jennie Lee Bazoomers, where 25 cents bought a membership and got you a hand written letter from Jennie, a membership card  and two wallet size photos.

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In 1980 Jennie Lee purchased a 40 acre goat farm outside of Helendale, CA with the intent to build a permanent exhibit building for her collection. Unfortunately, Jennie would die before she saw her dream come to exist. But with the help of Jennie’s widower, Dixie Evans would go on to open Exotic World – the first museum dedicated to burlesque history – on the grounds of the goat farm. In 2010, the collection moved to Las Vegas in the current Burlesque Hall of Fame.

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If it was not for Jennie Lee and all her hard work we would have lost so much of our burlesque history and the ladies who perfumed before us would have been forgotten.  The festival has grown so big now with performers and judges coming from all over the world but with out Jennie Lee and Dixie Evans on a small goat farm it would never have happened. 

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