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Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford, wearing a beaded and sequined fur wrap and beaded gown, in 1926 Photographed by Ruth Harriet LouiseJoan Crawford

Laurel and Hardy

Laurel and Hardy my hero’s.
Mrs Hardy & Mrs Laurel in ‘Twice Two’ (1933)Laurel and Hardy

Lennie Young

Lonnie Young pulls her pet Python out of it’s travel case, before performing her popular “Snake Dance” at an unidentified Burlesque nightclub..Lennie Young

Unknown beauty


Clara Bow

Clara Bow One of my favouite vintage Stars even if she is holding a creepy clown mask. Clara Bow

Anna Nilson

Anna Nilson I love her costume Anna Nilson

Dixie Evans

Dixie Evans aka. Mary Lee Evans The Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque”..Dixie Evans


Bogart and Great DaneBogart

Gilda Gray

Gilda Gray aka. Marinna Michalska An unusual bit of Burlesque ephemera: Here is a vintage 30’s-era sheet of linen patterned to allow for the creation a simple cloth doll of Ms. Gray..
During the early 1920’s, Gilda became a star in the “Ziegfeld Follies”.. Later, she would appear as a dancer in a number of films for ‘Paramount Pictures’.. She passed away in 1955.Gilda Gray


Love ThedaLove Theda