Burlesque Sisters Project

Hey, welcome to the Burlesque Sister project. If you are a performer who needs a helping hand or an established performer who would like to help improve our scene then why not sign up. Or you can read a bit more information about the project.

You can edit your own profile after you sign up, via the email you (should) receive. If you want to chat, come on over to the facebook group

Performer NameBig/little sisterCity
Nova Cane little sister Hebden Bridge
Tinker Bell big sister Helsinki, Finland
Dorothy Delite little sister Hereford
Andromada Mystic little sister High wycombe
Chanel St Sin little sister Houston
Morning Star big sister Huddersfield
Glorian Gray big sister Huddersfield
Sarah little sister Huddersfield
Scarlet Butterfly big sister Huddersfield
Miss Bunny Penny little sister Huddersfield
Roxie Royale little sister Hull
Hull Harley little sister Hull
Ginger Lovelle little sister Hull
Pinkie T'boo little sister Ipswich
Saph Rox big sister Ipswich
Honey Beelicious little sister ipswich
Pixie Linn little sister Ipswich
Miss Fannie Blossom little sister Ipswich
Miss Fannie Blossom little sister Ipswich
Belle blonde little sister Isle of wight
GiGi's Wunderkammer Burlesque big sister Kings Lynn
Anne Atomic big sister Knoxville
Harley Sparkles little sister Knoxville
Catalina Mystique big sister Knoxville, TN
Doc Leroc big brother Leeds
Mallory massacre little sister Leeds
Mira Belle little sister Leeds
Felicity Felicis little sister Leeds
Chev Roulette little sister Leeds
Indigo Damme little sister Leeds
India Starr big sister Leicester
Faye Feline little sister Leicester
Polly Anther little sister Leicester
Florence Fontaine big sister Leicester/Market Harborough
Veronika Winters little sister Lexington
Siobhan Atomica big sister Lexington, KY
Veronika Winters little sister Lexington, KY
Storme Chaser little sister Lincoln
Snappy O'Shea big sister Lincoln
angstrom big sister liverpool
Diva Hollywood big sister Liverpool
Daria D'Beauvoix little sister Liverpool
Minxie Coquette little sister Liverpool
Velma Von Bon Bon big sister Liverpool
Lola Rogue little sister Liverpool
Chéri Whambam little sister Liverpool
Lula Limonada little sister Liverpool
miss tiger rose little sister Liverpool/wirral
Vivacity Bliss big sister London
Fifi Croissant little sister London