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From the queen of whip-tease here are the best cabaret and host acts, all created and performed by the wonderful Diva Hollywood. Internationally acclaimed, unusual, dangerous!

Read more about the acts, see pictures, movies, holograms.   Ok, perhaps not holograms.

Devils Temptation

Gender Fluid drag King act of the temptation of the devil, with lip sync a little strip and a disco explosion for an ending. Image by Sean "Chrome" Murray Photography Image by Neil Kendal Image by Neil Kendal more


“Overload” 4 mins long its a high energy act to a fun 90’s crazy rave remix, with all the faber optics, LEDs, sequins, whip tricks and isis wings you could want. Images below by Steve Angstrom more

Wild tiger woman host Diva Hollywood

Diva Hollywood is the only wild Tiger woman host to be found in the Uk at the moment. If you want a fun and naughty night set her loose and let her play and go wild with your audience. Diva is available to host for your private parties, events or gigs with her bawdy sense of humour, audience games, many whip tricks and skills it will be a night to remember. more

Tiger Tamer

In this act you see another side of Diva Hollywood!  She talks, she whips, she tames the audience! With whip tricks and audience participation this act is inspired by the first ever female tiger tamer Mabel Stark who performed in the USA in the 1920's. Its a fast paced act with wild banter, and of course Diva's whips! Almost no audience members have been harmed participating in this wild and funny new act.  Watch a video (below) to see exactly how close they come! more

Pirates Booty

Ever wanted to sail the high seas and have your name feared by ever man you meet.  Then join Captain Diva Hollywood in her  fast talking cross dressing pirate whip cracking trick act, where she captures a fair maiden on stage and takes her on an adventure. Image by Neil Lewis more